About us




It was January 1993, when the doors to the very first Perfecto’s Caffe were opened in Andover, Massachusetts. Two brothers, Andrea and Max Gabriello, finally see their dreams of opening a business together, come to fruition.

Their vision was to open a bakery/coffee shop that reflected what was most important to them, a great cup of coffee and breaking bread with the family. It was definitely a family operation as Andrea and Max brought their parents, sister, brother in law and other family members in to help run the business.

Andrea was an experienced business owner as he was self employed for much of his adult life and Max gained his formulation and baking skills working eight years for Charles Ice Cream and Kraft Foods in Medford, MA. Opening the first Perfecto’s took several years of prior research and planning until final construction and is still an ongoing process of making the business the best it can be.

Perfect in Italian is “perfetto” which led to the name, Perfecto’s Caffe. The idea was to serve perfect coffee and perfect food with a smile, just like a typical Italian kitchen. Therefore, the Perfecto’s Caffe mission is to provide their customers with superior quality baked goods, coffees and customer service.

All of the baked goods in Perfecto’s are hand made, including the New York style bagels, the flavored cream cheeses, the huge variety of gourmet muffins and the family’s biscotti. The coffee menu includes a variety of espresso specialty drinks and over 30 different coffees that can be bought whole bean or ground and approximately 8 different blends are freshly brewed each day.

Perfecto’s Caffe has won many awards for their coffee, bagels and overall coffee shop. Some particularly proud achievements were when Andrea convinced Max to enter a contest during the Boston Best Coffee Fest and Max won first place in the Northeast Regional Barista Championship. This led Max to compete at the Torani 5th Annual Barista Cup held in Philadelphia, May 1999. This competition recognizes the craftsmanship of the nation’s most outstanding baristas. Max came in first and claimed the title of National Barista Cup Champion.

Pefecto’s Caffe customers are typically made up of commuters, local business workers, families and children, friends, joggers, students….. in short, everyone is a typical customer. It’s a great place to meet friends or business associates for breakfast or lunch. The atmosphere at Perfecto’s is inviting, efficient and unpretentious. Maintaining this welcoming feeling with the utmost of quality is the driving force behind the success of Perfecto’s Caffe.

Franchising opportunities are available for those who share the strong commitment to excellence. Perfecto’s Caffe has since expanded to several locations and each store emulates the original “perfetto” vision.